Educational Health & Wellbeing

Agoraphobia – Want A Way Out Of It?

Below is an inspiring video about how Charles Linden (author of the worlds leading anxiety disorder program) overcame his agoraphobia (Staying in confined places to protect oneself from the illusion of fear) and how others can actually overcome their…

Inner Peace Spirituality

World Peace – Wisdom Insights From The Dalai Lama

World Peace The Basis For World Peace   “Genuine peace, genuine lasting world peace, can be achieved only through inner peace” – The Dalai Lama   Sources – Featured image: https://www.tufing.com/img-inline-share/happy-world-peace-day-617.jpg Quoted from The Little book Of Wisdom – His…


The Many Roles We Play

This is another important section about the many roles we play taken from the book “A New Earth” written by Eckhart Tolle. We all have temporary roles we play out each day to different people, whether it be family,…


How To Escape The Materialist Lifestyle

So how to escape the materialist lifestyle? That’s if you’re not content with this way of living and if you are content with the materialist life, then this post will probably be meaningless to you. So how do we…