I will share with you my number 1 recommendation and that is A Bug Free Mind which I really love and has so many benefits to your mindset and can really create massive improvements in your life.

The really successful mind programming books, audio and video series is known about mastering your mindset.

The reason why I love this product is because it covers a wide range of negative viruses that we have in our minds and it teaches us to remove them all… A Bug Free Mind covers and removes all negativity.


A massive bonus is surrounding yourself with this information and finding different ways to approach the material, I used to just read the books and didn’t have another approach to it and I thought that maybe things would accelerate a lot quicker if I implemented another method of learning and I invested in the audio version of the program and that also really helps.

There are two books to this series and the first one is called Creating A Bug Free Mind and the second one is known as Using A Bug Free Mind.



Creating a bug free mind is a negativity busting book as it really does remove all the bad bits of our minds, like frustration, fears, anxieties, stress, phobias, worry, dread, judgement etc and all the other horrible mind conditions you can think of.

It is known to be the first structured thinking system and instead of allowing us to think by accident, the author of this program called Andy Shaw,  refers to it as the the chaotic thinking process.

We currently have no control over our thoughts – Imagine a tradesman allowing his tools to control him rather than him controlling the tools.

This means that we are not in control of our minds and we have allowed some self-created entity to take control as we are not present and continually observing our minds irrational thoughts and feelings.

By applying structured thinking to our lives we start to realize how out of control we actually are and it seems weird that we haven’t really noticed it before and have done nothing to solve the issue.

This is because we haven’t been programmed to watch our thoughts and decide whether or not they hold any benefit to us in moving forward in life and achieving what we desire… so we just accepted the junk mind bugs and allowed them to take over our lives and ruin them slowly.

You will also learn to give up pointless states of mind which do not help us in any way achieve what we want and keep us anchored in the opposite directions.



Using A Bug Free Mind is basically the most accurate book to follow once you have manufactured a bug free mind and it really is a new approach of creating your life goals and actually achieving them. It’s a stress free, effortless and extremely fulfilling exercise to implement into our lives.

Basically you figure out what you truly ‘want’ from live and you write down all of the steps you need to take to achieve your goal and in the process, you give up all your attachments to making the dream become a reality.

Just like you did when you were a child… you loved playing and experimenting with stuff didn’t you? Time wasn’t really an issue back then because you are enjoying what you were doing and giving it your fullest attention so that way, you just loved playing with life.

This is pretty much daydreaming about the life of our dreams. We have been taught to look at success as tough, stressed out work which we have to go through hell to achieve, but this just isn’t natural and necessary.

For some reason, during our lives we’ve come to associate goal setting/day dreaming about our ideal life as hard work which is pretty insane as how can this really be seen as pain?

This is because of our conditioning.

However, all that can be changed if you desire to create real change in your life.

Watch the video below about A Bug Free Mind…

Download the first five chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind for free right here! 



The reason why you should consider re-reading great, awesome and helpful books is because repetition is a master skill and as you re-read them, you are in a different mindset every time you approach the material and apply the techniques.

So just reading books once and expecting to get the fullness of the material is just a big mistake in my opinion and will inevitably lead to failure.

Just think about when we were at school and it took years to master a topic which you enjoyed and continuous repetition, so why do you think you can learn to master a subject with one read through or one listen if you prefer audios?

It’s because we have forgot how to learn and we get used to living in a chaotic way… so is it any wonder why we don’t reach our maximum potential.





I am re-reading these books all the while and I am definitely noticing big changes in my state of mind and my behaviour towards others.

I am listening to them when I am not reading the books because I mentioned earlier that it’s best to give your mind different styles of learning.

I rarely judge anyone anymore and I am really grateful for that because judgement was a big hurdle for me to get over.

Gratitude has also become a new way of living as I didn’t really think about appreciating things, I also felt embarrassed by being grateful, it seems strange I know.

However I am very grateful for everything that I have and comes to me.

I have learnt how to remove overwhelm from my life and this really does feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders…

I also have mastered or well on the way to mastering the art of acceptance and surrender.

I love these two powers as they really are concrete foundations of harmony and basically evaporate all stressful and negative thoughts and feelings which we often have.

I really appreciate you taking the time out to read this page as it really is helpful for me to know which mind ailments you are suffering from and what product you should choose to get.

So having read this review and finding out about this mastermind program, are you willing to learn more about it?

Are you willing to take control of your life and learn to become the master of your own mind? If so then click here now to find out more. 

Feel free to ask any questions about A bug Free Mind in the comment section below this page.

Have a great day!

Thank you 🙂


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8 Thoughts on “A Bug Free Mind Review – Mastering Your Mind”

  • Great review Lawrence, it’s obvious you’ve read the books yourself. Like you I’ve reread them about 6 times cover to cover plus listen to the audios in the car all the time. Another thing I do is blog my summaries of each chapter, this becomes my “golden book” which makes a huge difference to me and keeps me accountable. Good luck with the blog.

    • Hi Gerry

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review of A Bug Free Mind.

      The golden book is something I’m doing at the moment, also spending time on the online community is very valuable.

      Thanks =)

  • Yeah nice summary although I’m not sure Andy calls it thinking my accident, maybe by accident 🙂

    I like the clean appearance to your blog, which makes it easier for me to read.

  • Clear and easy to understand , but I think that if you did recommend for the reader to buy the books through an affiliate link it would be amazing especially if you did impellented a marketing formula for getting the reader to take action … You know WIN WIN

  • Lawrence,
    I had recently read through a post you had on structured thinking. I had left you a comment that it had come across my path at just the right time due to my daughter breaking up with her boyfriend.
    I can’t thank you enough for publishing that post. It has helped her (and me) immensely through this time.
    You need to write a book, you have the words and the way of saying it that is easy to understand and absorb.
    Just wanted to stop by again and say thanks,

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