Here are some great and crucial ways to create a positive life by focusing on the good.

There are many positive habits you can create in your daily routine to really experience fulfillment and positivity.

Meditate regularly

Meditation is one of the best ways for overcoming negativity. Thoughts and emotions can easily dissolve when practicing this technique and has been practiced by many for millenna, it focuses your attention onto the present moment and shuts off all mind activity or most, even if thoughts come in you simply just watch them pass.

After sessions of meditation you will always feel refreshed and positive to re-start your day, I always recommend meditating twice a day, two twenty minute sessions each. One in the morning and one before bed is ideal.


Surround yourself with successful, positive humans

I cannot emphasize how crucial this tip really is for your overall well being, this one literally changed my life. I mean I used to spend a lot of my life hanging around with the wrong crowd (negative) and trust me it wasn’t a good experience.

Getting involved in continuous arguments and conflict can really drag you down, so surrounding yourself with the opposite group is a must do if you want to experience a positive life.

Practice living in the now (present moment)

Yet again this is another factor that dramatically changed my life for the better, before studying and applying this to my life, i used to live  life in complete opposition to living in the present.

My mind would always be focusing on things I’d done or should of done in the past or feeling tense about certain future scenarios which hadn’t or wouldn’t happen anyway,

So it was a blessing in disguise to learn to live in the present moment as no negative problem can survive for long in the now.

Accept what is

By accepting what is every moment of your life, then it will change tremendously for the better i promise you.

Holding onto inner resistance to situations in life is only going to keep the negativity alive in you and postpone your elimination journey, it literally is effortless when you accept what is and all of your problems just dissolve away as if they never existed.

You then begin to go with the flow of life instead of going against it – how awesome!

Live In and by nature

Living by nature is a great way to reduce stress and other negative emotions, going for walks, meditating and reading in nature is what i always do and recommend to others, there’s nothing better than going for an early morning walk along the coast when the sun is up or at night time when the stars are filling the empty black sky.


Meditating in nature is the best spot for mediation because you are reconnecting with your true source if you like 🙂


This really is a no brainer to be honest, everyone needs daily exercise to remain healthy and keep the body functioning at healthier and higher rate, and especially people suffering from negativity. 30 – 40 minutes of exercise a day is great. Remember to find something you enjoy doing 🙂

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great way for removing stress and is a light exercise technique which can be praitcised in the comfort of your own home, it improves blood pressure because when you do tai chi, you create body moments which helps the blood flow.

Eat healthy foods

I would recommend eating healthy foods not just for overcoming negativity but in general because eating junk processed foods is far from the answer.

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Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible and eat a lot of pulses daily.

Again this is a massive step you really should consider implementing into your life.

Listen to relaxation visualizations

Listening to relaxation visualizations is not crucial but it is definitely worth it if your are struggling to sleep well at night and remain relaxed through out the day, this could also be useful along with meditating, you could meditate for twenty minutes or so and then listen to a relaxing visualization audio, it really does help you become relaxed and focuses your attention on creative use of mind

Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive and write them down

Very simple – if you are experiencing negative thoughts often, then why not replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and write them down. This encourages you to get in the right state to allow your positive thoughts to replace the old negative ones.

Allow what others think of you to just be

What I mean by this is don’t take things said about you by others personal, if you do not let what other people say or think about you effect you in anyway, then how can they ever upset or annoy you?

It really is none of our business what others think about us because they are going to think it anyway.

Just allow everything to be as it is, if someone judges you, accept it. If someone says something nasty about you, accept it.

The worst thing to do in any situation is to react or resist whatever is being said about you, this will create inner conflict.

Don’ t take anything too seriously

Nothing in life is worth getting stressed over, if you take anything too serious in life, then expect to suffer the consequences.

The consequences being depression, dread, anxiety, regret, misery, disillusionment and so on.

The solution is to just go about life in a joyful, playful way… think of everything as a play and you are it enjoying everything.

Keep a journal

Writing about a positive experience, a friend, memory can be very rewarding and makes you feel awesome.

I recommend finding something positive from your life and write about it for about 5 minutes every day.

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Remember it’s about consistency and quality, not quantity.

Watch positive mindset videos on Youtube

By watching positive videos everyday keeps the negativity way 😉

There’s literally millions of videos available for free on Youtube which all contain an important and self improving message, A few names I will share on here are, Eckhart Tolle, an awesome spiritual teacher/master who shares all the important factors on enlightened living.

Alan Watts is a classic philosopher and really nails the point with the meaning of life.

Leo Gura who is a life coach and a personal development expert has a ton of free valuable videos and a website which includes a free self – improvement forum.

Then you have the motivating teachers like Eric Thomas, who is extremely passionate about helping others to overcome roadblocks in life.

Anthony Robbins who is a life coach/speaker and his message and style of teaching/helping is nothing but inspirational.

Read self improvement books

I spend a lot of my time reading self improvement books because they are really brilliant at keeping you in the right frame of mind and refreshing yourself on information you have forgotten a long time ago, possible since you were a very young child.

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As we go about in the world and as we get more older, we tend to slip away from our natural positive mindset and feelings, this is due to the way we have been programmed by society and the situations we encounter in life. Everyone ends up living a self defeating prophecy because they are so out of tune from their true selves.

For example, read my review about a really great personal development book called The Slight Edge by clicking on the link below

==>  The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness <==

I’m positive I’ve shared a lot of helpful tips on this page to really inspire you to take action and start applying these steps to your life, feel free to leave a comment in the section below and I’ll respond almost right away.


Lawrence 🙂

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4 Thoughts on “Create A Positive Life – Focus On The Good”

  • This is very good advice. I wouldn’t really say overcome suffering would be the right title.Somehow, I feel it’s about accepting the world as it is. Suffering is part of life. Just like impermanence. It is how we look at it that matters.

    While meditation is a good way to start and end a day, in urban cities, it’s hard to get a good guru. I think guided-meditation is the next best alternative. What do you think?

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