I created this page so I could share some awesome resources such as books and programs which can help you change your understanding about the nature of reality, personal well-being, personal growth and wisdom.

These are the books and programs which have helped me on my journey.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the list…

I will be adding more as more information comes to mind.


Personal Development Books

  • Mans Search For Meaning – Victor Frankl
  • The Road Less Traveled – Scott Peck
  • The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea – Bob Burg
  • The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller
  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
  • The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson
  • Mastery – George Leonard
  • Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement – Tony Robbins
  • Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins
  • Beyond Positive Thinking – Dr Robert Anthony
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale
  • As A Man Thinketh – James Allen
  • Meditations – Marcus Aurelius
  • Maximum Achievement – Brian Tracy
  • Six Pillars Of Self Esteem – Nathaniel Branden
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • Stop Worrying, Start Living – Dale Carnegie
  • The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People – Stephen Convey
  • The Science Of Getting Rich – Wallace D Wattles
  • Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale
  • Authentic Happiness – Martin Seligman
  • The How Of Happiness – Sonja Lyubomirsky
  • Flow: The Psychology Of Happiness – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi



  • The Art Of Happiness – Dalai Lama
  • The Little Book Of Wisdom – Dalai Lama
  • The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
  • Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle
  • Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu
  • Bhagavad Gita – Eknath Easwaran
  • Before I Am – Mooji
  • White Fire – Mooji
  • The Fall – Steve Taylor
  • Back To Sanity – Steve Taylor
  • Be Here Now – Ram Dass
  • Stress Free In 30 Days – Charles Linden
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Wherever You Go, There You Are – Jon Kabit Zinn
  • Freedom From The Known – Jiddu Krisnamurti
  • I Am That – Nisargdatta Maharaj
  • Be As You Are – Sri Ramana Maharshi
  • Get Out Of The Cage – Adam Oakley
  • Undisturbed – Adam Oakley
  • Feel Alive – Ralph Smart
  • The Wisdom Of Insecurity – Alan Watts
  • Waking Up – Sam Harris
  • Letting Go: The Pathway To Surrender – David Hawkins
  • The Art Of Effortless Living – Ingrid Bacci
  • Buddhism: Plain And Simple – Steve Hagen



  • The Linden Method – Charles Linden (Anxiety elimination program)
  • A Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw (Personal Development program)

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