In this post I am going to be explaining to you what personal power is, why it’s important to have, how to create personal power and what book about personal power I recommend reading.

So without further ado, let’s get right into things…


What is personal power

Personal power is the ability to control your self, to be a master of your thoughts and emotions, to master your psychology and to have a powerful influence on the environment around you in the most positive way.

There seems to be different levels of personal power in different people. You know which sort people have more power than others because you can sense the energy in these people, you can tell by their behaviors and attitudes of mind.

Lets take a look at the probability of two peoples lives.

One with the power and one without it.

Before we go through this, please understand that I am NOT making any judgments here, I am merely stating facts based on the different types of people.

The person with the power will probably have a very calm and confident attitude towards life.

He/she will not stress out over the little things. They will probably not suffer from any mental health issues as they have so much self control.

Their health is probably going to be in a great condition because if they have power, they will be very conscious of what they’re eating and will have a strong foundation of healthy foods and regular exercise.

Let’s take a look at the person who doesn’t have any power in life.

Well as you know, it’s going to be pretty obvious now after sharing the opposite type of person who is in full control of their minds.

So for the person who isn’t in control of their minds, they will probably have a very low self esteem, a lot of anxiety, fear, depression, stress regret, judgement, hatred, pity, frustration, anger etc.

They will probably be pretty unhealthy because of their lack of inspiration and motivation to exercise and eat well.

He/she will probably be involved in unhealthy habits such as eating junk food, smoking, drinking, negativity, repetitive and useless thinking, judging others, drugs etc.

They will probably not have very stable and long lasting relationships with other people because there isn’t much self awareness in this person and that means not much personal control.

Last but not least, this person isn’t probably going to have much peace of mind and ambition in life.

How to create personal power

Focusing on the most positive outcome 

There are a few ways to create it, first off let me give you one of my favorite ways.

We are normally trained to think about problems, or imagining the worst possible outcome… yet do we ever question if focusing on the negative actually serves us?

Well, I’m sure that if we did question it, then we wouldn’t consciously allow ourselves to dwell on the worst case scenarios.

So why don’t we question it? We don’t question it because we are not conscious, we are asleep and are allowing our unconscious mind to make decisions for us.

Hence the more we focus on the negative, the more of it we create in our minds and lives… basically it becomes an automatic behavior = habit.

So here’s the solution, from now on instead of thinking about what could go wrong, imagine the best case scenario happening. See it in your mind, really feel it until your emotions kick in.

This is a very empowering thing to do! Whenever we have negative thoughts and emotions, it drains our vital energy and puts is in a low state.

Create a habit of focusing on what could go right for you in your mind, you will feel full of powerful, positive energy… you will love this feeling!

This is just one way you can create personal power.

I got this technique from a guy called Brendon Burchard.

Through forgiveness

Another way we create personal power is through forgiveness, yes this really is a way for you to produce amazing power.

How can forgiveness give you power, you might ask? Well when we do not forgive ourselves or others we are actually adding to our suffering and creating more of it.

Nothing of benefit can come to us if we are not willing to forgive others or ourselves.  Non-forgiveness is a truly weak state of mind.

The relief that you will experience when you forgive yourself or another person will be indescribable, especially if you’ve been holding onto to grievances, resentment for a long while.

It will be like letting go of a boiling hot rock that you’ve been gripping onto for years.

Imagine the personal power you will have when you learn to forgive.

Please forgive, you will only be hurting yourself if not.

Image result for non forgiveness quotes

Through acceptance 

By practicing the art of acceptance, you can really achieve personal power. When we do not accept things… be it people, ourselves, situations, events, thoughts, emotions, the past etc, we struggle to be effective in the world and we also struggle psychologically.

The truth is resistance or non-acceptance cuts you off from your true power, it keeps you stuck in suffering.

A good question to ask yourself frequently is this: “Am I accepting what is?”

When you accept what is, nothing can be a problem for you and as nothing can be a problem, you do not give any power away.

What do I recommend reading?

There is a book I recommend reading which is called Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

It’s about reclaiming your power by having the ability to take action and follow through on what you desire.

To take an idea and transform it into reality.

You can read some high quality reviews about the book over at



So if you desire personal power I really suggest you put to practice, the ways in which I’ve mentioned in this post and check out the book I just recommend for you.

Just so you don’t forget the key principles to create personal power – here they are again:

  • Focusing on the most positive outcome instead of negative outcomes
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance

Like everything in life, everything worthwhile takes consistency and persistence.

Keep practicing these three things and before long you will have an amazing sense of control in your life.

The book will give you other valuable information about goal setting, discipline, life purpose etc.


Reminder – click the link below to check out the awesome, empowering book.

==>Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement<==


I trust you enjoyed reading through this post.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding personal power.

It’s important to share knowledge with others so make sure you share this post with anyone who you know will resonate with it.


Peace & Love =)


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21 Thoughts on “How to Create Personal Power – Must Read!”

  • Great post, as we think about people and what we perceive they have done to us we are giving them our power I see this with my client every day. Thanks for sharing and giving the tools to help others.

  • Hi Lawrence,

    I am a huge fan of self improvement and empowerment. I found your site to be very accurate, detailed, and easy to read.

    I love the Law of Attraction and I feel a lot of what you talk about is under that law. Meditation is a powerful thing. Sometimes I like complete silence and sometimes I like the audio walk-throughs.

    I definitely learned a lot from you.

    Thank you and good job!


  • I really enjoyed reading this post! I personally am a person that gets into ‘my own mind’ and I know I need to work on that. Like others say live with your glass half full, not half empty. You gave me some great ideas on how I can work on myself.
    Thank You

    • Hi Rina =)

      It’s the great awakening, we have lived in our minds for too long now and the next stage is to transcend the mind, live in our bodies, be in the moment and live from a place of love.

      Most of us our completely dominated by our minds, now it’s time to reclaim our power and make sure we are the masters of our own minds.

      Thank you =)

  • Lawrence, If there is one thing that I can say it is that I definitely have this lesson on my life plan. From my own personal experience to that of my closest of family members, I have seen many sides of this.

    With that in mind I can back you up 100% that with focus on the good, forgiveness and acceptance you will find a positive path forward. It may not be an easy journey but that is okay because you will learn and grow through those trials.

    The one thing that I would add to this list to help achieve personal power is commitment. You have to make one for yourself and to be aware of it daily. Through this commitment you will find the other three areas here much easier to traverse.

  • Great post, Lawrence. Interesting that you reference Anthony Robbins as he came to mind as I was reading your post — specifically, his recommendations to simply put space between a given stimulus and response. I think one big thing that separates us from animals, or being automotants, is that we have the ability to choose how we will react and move through our lives. Daily meditation can be a great tool to train the mind to ‘recognize without judgement’ and put space between what we experience and how we react to those experiences.

    If we’re on auto-pilot and lacking self-awareness, we simply respond to situations, eat foods that don’t serve us, and move through life by impulse versus intention. You offer some great tips for fostering personal power – awareness, forgiveness and of great importance, retraining our thought process to focus on the positive things.

    Being clear on what we ‘have’ versus what we ‘lack’ is a practice that takes time, consistency and deliberation. I think this is why some people don’t do it (it takes work!). Simply keeping a journal to reflect on what we’re grateful for each day is one thing that has helped me. Sharing out-loud what we’re grateful for as a family helps bring awareness to our children and cohesion to our family unit as well.

    I enjoy the work you’re doing, Lawrence. Keep it up!

    • Hello Mike

      I appreciate your very kind and helpful feedback.

      What you said about being on auto-pilot and lacking self-awareness and then responding negatively to the environment is definitely true.

      That’s why we need to become more present.

      “Being clear on what we ‘have’ versus what we ‘lack’” is definitely a practice that takes time, but it is well worth it.

      Thanks =)

  • Hi, Lawrence

    A great article. I love articles about personal development.I am working on controlling my thoughts especially now and have experienced for the first time in my life that I am able of controlling my thoughts. I think it’s because I listen to myself and check how I am doing. If I feel low, one day it’s often because I am not satisfied with myself and I bang myself in the head because of that. When I discover what I am doing to myself, I stop treating myself badly at once. It’s a really powerful tool being able to be conscious of my own thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Tove

      Whenever you feel low, just ask yourself “Am I present now”? – This question will automatically put your attention back into the moment where no negativity or problems can exist because it’s the mind that creates suffering.

      When you are present, say to yourself “I choose to be happy now” – You are saying that you have the power to choose how you feel and you’re choosing to be happy =)


  • Hi Lawrence,

    I really loved reading this article because I too truly believe if you control your thoughts you can lead a much happier life. We are the ones putting significance on situations and not the situation itself. If we can see the good, we can then navigate life easier even on the harder days.

    Thanks for this and I’ll check out the books you recommended!

    • Hey Grace =)

      You wrote “We are the ones putting significance on situations and not the situation itself.” – I really resonate with that because I know this to be true through my own experience.


  • This is very informative. I used to be one without power, that is until I changed my environment and the people I would hang out with. Back then, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and hanging out with people who weren’t of the best mindset. I eventually met someone from another state, and after several months of talking with her, I decided to head down to her state to visit her. Well, I ended up staying in her state. After a few weeks, I started feeling better about myself and seeing things with clear eyes. Since moving, I am no longer reliant upon drugs and alcohol to get through the day. I married the girl I went to visit, and we have two beautiful children together. This all happened 10 years ago, and I haven’t looked back with any regret.

    Your post here shows me other ways to improve myself. These are things that I should start working on, especially forgiveness and acceptance. Both of which are holding me back from living up to my full potential.

  • I really enjoyed this article and agree wholeheartedly. I’m a believer in controlling your emotions and thoughts. When you are in control, anxiety, depression, loss of will can be controlled through your emotional control. I will share this post with others! Thanks!

  • Great post Lawrence! I think you have provided your readers with three points that are simple to grasp and highly effective ways to create a better life. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I also work with all three of those in my sessions in the subconscious state using visualization techniques- very powerful!

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