Why you won’t find happiness in external things?

The real reason why you won’t find happiness out there is because everything external to us is subject to the law of impermanence. Basically, nothing lasts forever and there is no point in getting attached to something which is purely unstable.

That’s why it isn’t sustainable because everything changes and everything will not stay the same even if you think it will.

Sure, we can enjoy external objects, situations and people but it will not create long lasting happiness.

But the idea is to not get caught up in external things and just enjoy them while they are without any attachment, clinging etc.

The paradox is that you will actually start to appreciate and enjoy everything more rather than depending on these transient things for your happiness.

The way we have been trained to think about happiness is only short term and never really works and the good news is you already know this deep down.

So what can you do to create a sustainable life filled with happiness?

To find out the truth which is that…

True happiness comes from within

Do not take this statement “True happiness comes from within” lightly because it is actually the truth… the truth does hurt, I know.

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You might feel that this isn’t the case simply because you’ve spent your entire life constantly searching for “things” to make you happy and you may have experienced short flashes of happiness whenever you attained what you desire but it didn’t last and it never does.

However, the sooner you realize this truth, the quicker you will be able to safe so much time and pain looking for happiness in the wrong place.

Don’t get annoyed that you have wasted so much time looking in the wrong place for true, everlasting happiness as that will just feed the problem and it is as it is and you’re best thing to do is to accept the situation as it is and focus on creating sustainable happiness from within.

It’s not about looking outside yourself and becoming attached to fleeting objects for temporary pleasure which is going to see you live from a place of happiness and joy, it’s about building up the mindset and having a positive perception on life which creates that long lasting happiness.

It’s the only way.

Of course, you can still enjoy all the pleasures of the outside world and be involved and create new wonderful forms but the paradox is that without that continuous attachment and seeking for happiness in transient external forms, you will actually find yourself enjoying things so much more as your sense of self doesn’t depend on “stuff”.

Our Conditioning Around Happiness

We have been conditioned to think we need something before we can be happy, this simply isn’t true at all and it’s actually fairly dangerous for people to hear this because you can literally waste so much time and energy trying so hard to get happiness whereas the truth is that happiness has to be created from you – It’s a mindset thing, not an object you are going to discover ‘out there’.

If only we knew the truth to happiness, think how different the planet would be?

Think about how harmonious everything would be?

It’s so amazing when you start creating happiness from within and living in that way because you can literally choose to experience happiness whenever you wish – How awesome is that!

I’m so grateful that I have come to find the truth about happiness and that it can only be created by me now in the present.

Happiness is a choice we make and I choose to be happy now… so why don’t you?

So by realizing that happiness comes from within, what can you do right now to increase your levels of happiness?

Well there are many things actually and I will get right into them now.

Create a routine you enjoy doing

This could be a routine which includes your favourite hobbies and doing them every day. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time during the day, but make it consistent. What will happen is that by participating in your favourite hobbies everyday you will create a positive association with them in your mind and this will activate every time you do them.

Being immersed in your hobbies can also act as a very powerful diversion away from your troubling mind and guess what happens when you remove the troubling thoughts? – Happiness!

Write out 5 things you’re grateful for every morning

Honestly this works, trust me. I have been applying this gem of an exercise for quite a while and I definitely feel as if I have built up a solid foundation of security and happiness.

Image result for be grateful for what you have

You will need a notepad and a pen.

Just think about 5 things which you are grateful for right now or in the past… that’s it!

Also when you come to write out your grateful list, make sure it’s 5 different things every time as this gets you in the mindset for searching for new things to be grateful for.

Why does this work?

Simple – By writing out all that you’re grateful for, you are focusing on what you have rather than what you don’t have. This creates an appreciation force field and you will then create more things in your life to be appreciative over.

Keep a journal

This is also a new exercise which have recently started to do, I think someone on a YouTube video recommended that I keep a journal and write about one positive experience I had that day.

Again this creates happiness because you are building a mindset of finding positive experiences to be happy over.


Meditating is great because it gets you to be aware of the only place where true happiness can be experienced and that place is RIGHT NOW.

I meditate for twenty minutes a day at the moment and I will be doubling this to two twenty minute periods shortly.

All you have to do is make sure you sit up right so your back is erect as this helps to keep you alert and aware.

Close your eyes for the whole duration and focus on your breathing. If you have any thoughts which are troubling you then it is instinctual for us to cling onto them and take them personally.

It is only instinctual because we have practiced resistance to thoughts and feelings for so long.

So when thoughts and feelings arise, just allow them to pass through you without clinging and judging them.

This takes practice but is well worth the effort.

Whenever you get dragged off my the content of your mind, just return your attention to the breath.

If you would like to know more techniques which you can implement to create a happy life, then check out this post I wrote recently.

I am certain you have learnt a lot about happiness and how to create a way to be happy which is sustainable rather than short-term.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who you think will resonate with it and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below.


Peace & Love =)



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14 Thoughts on “How To Find Your Happiness – The Sustainable Way”

  • Hi Lawrence,

    This is a fantastic article! I agree with you completely about happiness coming from within. I also really like your suggestions in order to boost happiness, and already practice two of them…meditation and writing down things I am grateful for (even though I do 3 instead of 5). These are the first two things I do each morning, and it really sets the pace for a good day.

    Love your site!


  • I feel that happiness is a choice. Over the years I have had to deal with a lot of tragedy and I have a very stressful job. I made a decision when I was in my forties to live every moment to the fullest. I choose to be happy and enjoy my life. I try my best to always find the positive side of every situation.

  • Years ago, I put a post-it note on my mirror that said, “Happiness is a CHOICE, rather than a result.” Still … it took years before I was able to really apply that feeling. But I eventually did. Everything you need or could want is sitting right in front of you.

    I keep a journal, where things changed after I started I writing, “I love you, Kev” to close every entry. I also keep a journal and keep notes on gratitude. All great suggestions!

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hey Kevin =)

      I’m glad you’ve finally got it to work for you and yes it is true… happiness comes from within, not outside =)

      Our happiness just intensifies from the happiness we create from within when we enjoy outside pleasures.

      Thanks =)

  • I would like to think that I am basically a content person, but it is quite challenging being true to yourself when most people around insist that you should be busy achieving. Great information here Lawrence

    • Hi Stan.

      I know it can be pretty overwhelming when people around you are pressuring you into living up to their expectations.

      There is nothing wrong with achievement, you just have to ask yourself: Is this achievement something I desire or is it just for the interests of others?

      The best way to free yourself from this glory seeking matrix is to just let go of society’s expectations.


  • Hi Lawrence, I just got done checking out your website and can really relate to your topics because I have a daughter who suffers from Bi-Polar disease. She has spent most of her life fighting anxiety . I am new at Wealthy Affiliate and am suffering from informational overload .I am definitely going to forward your website to my daughter.
    Good luck Larry

  • I love your website and posts! I live as happy of a lifestyle as possible. I have recently had some setbacks and finding your website this morning is no coincidence. I used to journal everyday as well as meditate. I haven’t done that in a few weeks so I guess it’s time to begin again. Thanks for the reminder!

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