Hello there and welcome to another post which is aimed at making life less overwhelming. In todays post, I will be discussing the obstacles to FOCUS and what you can actually do to improve it.

Without further ado, lets begin!


Distractions – The number one enemy of FOCUS

The number one enemy to focus is of course distractions. Distractions are absolutely everywhere, from people who interrupt us, to the horrifying news stories which make us fearful, to message alerts we get through our phones, to habits which do not serve us.

How many times have you decided that you were not going to let anything distract you from doing a certain task or activity, it could be working out, writing out a plan or even reading through a book but after a few minutes you are checking your phone for messages or scrolling through social media pages.

I know from my own experience that it drives me mad whenever I let myself get distracted from writing a website reading, or working out etc.


It’s so easy to let ourselves get distracted thanks to the ever changing and developing world of technology, we can access everything so quick now and all it takes is to press a couple of buttons and the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit and you don’t even know why you’re doing it anymore.

We have all been guilty of doing this and we know how frustrated we feel once we ineffectively complete the task thanks to the many distractions around us.

So instead of getting caught up in the daily distractions, remove them and replace them with helpful, productive habits. Below I have listed a few things you can implement into your life which will make the distractions less and less frequent.


Here are a few other things you can to help with your concentration. ( They work for me)

Create a “Must Do” list – Writing out a to do list is a very effective way of staying on top of your tasks and filtering out any distractions along the way. When you write out a list of MUST DO activities, you’re telling your mind that this is what you have to do and so you will resist anything that distracts you.

Doing this every single day will help you to keep on track of what it is that you want to do, you know that you cannot afford yourself to get distracted and so it is more likely that you will be so tuned in to what you MUST do that you’ll ignore the distractions.

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Take time out to meditate – I meditate for a few minutes each day and it really helps me to be in a much more focused state, It creates that perception of clarity which is so vital when it comes to concentrating on daily tasks.

There have been brain scans that show how meditation actually improves focus.

You can read more about over at https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/you-illuminated/201204/brain-scans-show-how-meditation-improves-mental-focus


Turn your phone off or put it on silent and keep it out of sight – Mobile phones can be a massive obstacle to focus if you allow them to be. I know from my own experience just how much I check my phone whilst in the middle of doing something and like I mentioned before, it is very counterproductive and leaves me feeling very frustrated. However, I am in the process of minimizing the amount of time I spend on it and I’m feeling much better about doing so.



I trust you have found this post helpful and you will now start to apply the different ways in which you can cut down distractions to a minimal level or out completely.

Leave you a comment below if you have found other ways which help you focus more.

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