In this post, I’m going to talk about the power of simple daily disciplines.

Why the little actions you take matter

The little actions you take matter because over time they compound and produce a really big, positive result or a negative result depending on what actions you actually take. If you choose to do things which serve you and do them over and over again then you will create the outcome you desire.

If you make the unconscious choice to not do the things which you know will serve you, then you will pay the price, not today but eventually.

Easy to do, easy not to do

The things which will really help you in life are actually easy to do.

That is the good news but the bad news is they are just as easy not to do.

Which is why the majority of people don’t do the things which would move them forward.

It’s easy to go for a 30 minute walk, it’s also easy to put it off and watch some T.V instead. It’s easy to say no to a takeaway as you walk past that almost hypnotic smell and it’s also ridiculously easy to give in and walk into the fast food shop and order that kebab that you could smell as you walked past but it’s these little, tiny insignificant choices and actions you make that will determine the sort of life you will lead.


Better to be consistent, consistency builds momentum.

Instead of doing it one day a week, it’s better to do it every single day. From experience, it’s very difficult to keep up with a routine if you stop because it makes it harder to start up again. Once you’ve been doing something consistently, it builds momentum and it’s more difficult to stop doing the activities because you are on a roll.


Why people fall for the instant progress myth.

The reason why people fall for the instant progress myth is because we have been conditioned by the media to expect instantaneous results, we see it in the movies. I’ll give you an example and it’s when the underdog trains up to be a world class fighter in the duration of a film which is like about two hours.

Now in real life it takes years to be a good fighter, let alone world class. It’s going through the training consistently and constantly. Repeating the moves over and over. There really is nothing exciting in the process of becoming a pro fighter. Showing up, putting in the effort, being consistent, never giving up… what’s instant about that? What’s exciting about that?

Doing simple helpful, daily habits creates the compound effect.

It may not seem much at the time, but doing this seemingly insignificant and easy actions will add up over time and create the compound effect.

Failure is not overnight

It’s the same with the continuous implementation if positive actions which creates the results you’re after but in this case it’s about making small errors in judgement over and over again which brings you down.

I trust that you have learnt something new or have at least been reminded about the power in daily disciplines and in doing them consistently and over a long period of time.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share it with the world!

Until next time

Peace & love 🙂


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11 Thoughts on “Simple Daily Disciplines – The Power of Small Steps”

  • I agree that it’s the consistency in performing a good habit that will bring results and it may not be very exciting or give instant success as some people crave for but that’s life.

    I know it’s easy not to do ti and just let things go but the problem with that is you don’t make any progress in life, so it’s better to make the conscious decision to do good habits daily.

    You are right that once you start doing it regularly, you do get momentum and as well you do get better at it and it’s easier to do; so it makes good sense to keep doing good daily habits.

    • People often put off doing the daily disciplines which would help them because they are not in the least exciting. It’s also easier to keep going once you have built momentum.

  • I can certainly see how taking small steps on a daily basis can lead to a HUGE outcome. I also agree that folks who adopt the wrong habits will regret it sooner or later.

    I’ve read the “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy and it really is an eye opener for both business owners and people who just want to change their life, in general.

    I must admit, I had made some bad decisions a while back when it came to my health – not exercising enough and also eating too much unhealthy food. I gained weight and my blood pressure went up.

    So compounding really does work. whether our habits are good or bad. But we really need to use the compounding effective for POSITIVE results.

    I can see that it takes time to form the right habits and change our lives. I think we all have the choice to become disciplined, but the majority of folks enjoy their comfort zones too much. (Which they will regret later on in life).


  • Yeah I agree with you in that small, positive daily habits are the building blocks to achieving something you want or changing your life. Also, just think of all the very successful people that account their success (or at least have) to their morning routines or rituals, if they’re doing and it works for them then clearly we need to be doing it as well.

    This is something I try to do with affiliate marketing in that I watch FB ads, website conversions, or whatever I’m working, videos every morning during breakfast so that I’m continuously thinking about it.

  • There is an old saying that says every step begins with the first mile. And that is the truth. Every great organization or successful person start from small beginning. If there is no small beginning then you will not have success. Your post is really informative with good information. Your readers will find this most helpful.

  • To get to where you want to be you have to take it one step at a time. If you want to get ahead don’t just think about it, take action and do it. You must take action to accomplish anything. And I agree that being consistent is the key. It doesn’t pay to do something to get ahead if you only do it one time. It’s up to you to take steps, any steps because if you stand still, you won’t ever be moving toward positivity.

  • I agree with the fact that the things that serve us can be just as easy to avoid as they are to do. Also I agree that consistency can build up a momentum. Doing things over and over again eventually becomes a habit.

    I believe everyone falls for the progress myth, we are all human. We also have a choice to do these thing as well. Blaming the media is one of the oldest scapegoats in the book. The move towards progress is within us, which I believe you mention very subtly.

    The best of luck!

  • Hey Lawrence:

    Consistency is the key for developing a new habit (or not), as you say. Little, little steps take you far either forward or in the opposite directions.

    As you say, it is just as easy to decide NOT to do that one new thing you’ve decided you want to do.

    It sometimes helps to record and track the little steps you make every day when you’re trying to start some new habit.

    Let’s say you’ve decided to start walking more — nothing serious, just a 15-minute walk around the block. Maybe every time you take a walk during the first week of your new brand-new start, you might place a bright purple checkmark on your calendar page. Keep it up day after day after day.

    Just having the visual record of the walks you have consistently taken over the past weeks can help you when you’re considering NOT doing it.

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