In this post I’m going to be sharing with you all the bits of information which changed my life from the book called The Slight Edge written by Jeff Olson.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it…

It got me into a dedicated mindset

The Slight Edge was the book that finally got me to stay dedicated doing the disciplines each and everyday. It helped me create a mindset which is always dedicated to applying beneficial habits.


Before I would start implementing some positive habits and after a while I would stop doing them but after reading this book, everything has changed. I have never thought about stopping these daily disciplines because the book explained clearly to me what results I would get if I kept doing the habits.

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Inspired Me to Take Action

Just as this book was the first one to help me stay dedicated, it was also the first and only book I’ve read so far on my personal empowerment journey that actually inspired me to take some action, no matter how small.

Personally when I read books which talk about hard work, I think there is some sort of resistance mechanism installed inside me which automatically throws up resistance to the idea of hard work, However, with The Slight Edge, it’s all about being smart and using time wisely instead of wasting it.

It doesn’t really take hard work with the daily disciplines but it does take being consistent. It could be the most mundane and simple habit there is, but if it’s serving you and you do it on a consistent basis, then you are going to see really good results over time.


It taught me why people don’t stick to the daily disciplines

Why is it then that people don’t stick to healthy habits? Well it’s for two reasons. Number one is that the habits are easy to actually implement but are just as easy not to do. I remember creating a daily fitness plan which included going for a twenty minute walk and before I read this book and understood why, I just made the small error in judgement by not going. I took the path of least resistance by convincing myself that I didn’t need to go but my fitness went downhill.

The second reason is because people base the results from the evidence of their eyes, in other words they expect immediate results and if they haven’t got that six pack within a week or two they quit in frustration simply because they haven’t based their results on the slight edge philosophy which is simple daily disciplines + time = big results.

It’s helped me create some awesome habits

I’ll share with you a few habits which I started to implement after studying the book.

I read 10 pages of a educational (Self Improvement) book every day. Again, this doesn’t seem like much but if you do that everyday for a year, you will have read 3650 pages which equates to about a dozen books of life altering information.

I listen to at least 15 minutes of educational (self improvement) material everyday. Whenever I’m going out for walks, working out or just not doing anything in particular, I’ll turn on my Ipod and listen to some helpful audiobook, just for 15 minutes a day. Again, it doesn’t seem like much but this simple action compounded over time will give you lots of life changing ideas, thoughts and advice to apply into your life.

I meditate for 10 minutes everyday. At first I thought that meditating for only 10 mins a day wouldn’t make a difference to my peace of mind but I was definitely wrong. In them 10 minutes I really notice the difference in how calm I feel and this leaves me in a very refreshed state throughout the rest of the day, so I encourage you to take this habit up. My advice would be to start small, say 2 minutes everyday until this habit becomes instinctual then you can up the time to your preference.

I choose to eat healthy instead of unhealthy. This is where the slight edge really stands out. Our health is the most important aspect of our lives because without good health, every other area becomes so much more challenging. Whenever I’m faced with a choice of eating something healthy or unhealthy, I now always go for the healthier option and it makes all the difference.

It might not make much difference in a day, but keep making the choice to eat healthy over a year, you will stop putting crap into your body. This is such a simple thing to do and yet it is also very simple to just pick the unhealthy foods.

Choose the healthier foods and keep choosing them!

I walk for at least 20 minutes every day. We all know cardio exercise is extremely important and even though we know this, not everybody manages to fit in a practice of it everyday.

Now I know 20 minutes isn’t that much but it from my own experience, it sure does make a big difference when you do it everyday. I walk for at least 20 minutes everyday and my cardiovascular health has improved by 100%.

Consistency is key. For example 20 minutes, seven days a week is far better than 60 minutes, 1 day a week and the reason for this is that you are not doing anything on the other 6 days so you are losing momentum and your level of fitness will slowly go down.

I find 3 new things which I’m grateful for everyday, Easily the most simplest of habits but also one of the most powerful. What this does is it gets your mind to search for all the things which have in your life that you most appreciate. I recommend doing this first thing as you wake up because it puts you in a really positive frame of mind to start your day.

I trust that you found this post helpful and feel free to leave comments below if you have any life changing habits which you implement on a consistent basis because I would love to hear what they are and I can add them to this post for the benefit of other people to see.

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Peace & Love

Lawrence =)

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